Thursday, September 30, 2010


It wont be long until I finish our living room enough to post photos. I like to think that it takes me so long to finish a project because of my creative mind. Ideas have to stew for awhile before they can be fabulous. I love decorating, but for me it takes FOREVER. Waiting for a room to come together is crazy frustrating for me because I tend to be extremely impatient. I feel a bit lazy not having everything done, but thank goodness I caught Aaron Sorkin talking about his writing process in an interview yesterday. He spoke about a particular movie scene that took him months to write. He made it clear that although he was working on the scene for months, it often looked like he was sitting on the couch watching ESPN. Sometimes we just need to let the wheels turn for a bit before we leap into action. Thank you Mr. Sorkin for validating my TV habit! Just because there are dishes in the sink, paintbrushes on the floor, and empty spaces on the wall doesn't mean work isn't happening.

In a time where we can have whatever we desire almost instantly, it is important to remember that the creative process is just that, a process that often needs time.