Wednesday, February 25, 2009

We All Scream for Ice Cream!

At least in the Monks household we do! Last week I made a run to the local Bluebell factory/distributor/office building place to pick up empty ice cream containers.

Not only are these babies mouthwateringly beautiful they are practical too! For example, can you believe the price of gift bags these days!? No wonder they get re-used so often! They are ridiculous I assure you - I know because I have been stalking craft stores lately. NYC has only one big craft store so stepping in to Hobby Lobby or Michael's back in Texas is like stepping into dream world. Anything is possible ... you just have to do it yourself. Anyhow these buckets with lids were only forty cents a piece! Way cheaper than most gift-bags or wrapping paper. Be creative with your gift giving and make it personal (I promise its not as hard as you think).

These buckets are in my wedding plans and I couldn't be happier! It feels so good to expose people to things Chris and I love. I have grown up with bluebell my whole life. Kinda makes you wanna come to Texas for a scoop doesn't it?

Monday, February 16, 2009

Please Stand Up

I have had so much on my mind lately what with my internship, planning a wedding, and just plain living life, but what have I been thinking about the most? Ohio... NO! Crazy enough I have been thinking nonstop about cake stands.

Ever since I saw a cake stand centerpiece in a recent issue of MARTHA's wedding magazine I have been trying hard to figure out how to replicate it with class and a small budget. I could just make things easy and go into debt sending the 900+ dollars on cake stands just like MARTHA, but that's probably not my best idea. I'm going to have to be crafty.

I tried using ebay, but WOAH watch out that cite can get addicting! I still have a few bids I am waiting on, but purchasing all of my stands that way does not look promising. Plus I am impatient and auctions that don't end for days makes my skin crawl with anticipation.

I have yet to find anyone who rents fine china. Right now I am either headed to thrift stores (which I love, but have yet to find any stands), or asking for friendly volunteers to let me borrow their stands for a day or two. I'm going to be very honest though, I'm picky. Because I have a clear vision of what I want its gonna be hard to borrow. I would hate to insult anyone by turning away their china because it didn't fit in. Having china auditions seems pretty extreme and though I am not a bridezilla, I am sure that casting call for cake stands would raise a few eyebrows.

I am willing to make a compromise though. If I can't figure out how to get exactly what I originally wanted, I am going to buy myself one set of the cake-stands that were MARTHA inspired and keep the rest a lovely mis-match.

Can you tell I have been thinking about this.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

25 Things - My Transition to Bloghood

I considered posting this exercise on my facebook page , but then thought that it would be a great introduction to my new blog. Now that we are so internet savvy, peeking into peoples lives seems to be perfectly normal. Here is a peek into mine.

"list 25 random bits of information about yourself"

1. I am currently in love with pink glass – particularly all pink Mosser glass products

2. Even though I am pretty realistic, I worry about being perfect, not being perfect, striving to be perfect, and even worry about what will happen if I give up on trying to be perfect.

3. I am organized, but my room is most always a mess.

4. I interrupt people when they are talking – its how I show I’m listening, but I’m pretty sure it must be annoying … I can’t stop myself.

5. I really miss singing with groups of people, especially around a campfire; something I Haven't done for years.

6. I wish that I could play ski-ball all of the time. I get addicted to simple games easily. My favorite is Rampart. You should never take me to a casino.

7. I am getting married. I am amazed. I am happy. I am excited to start a life of adventure with Chris, but I am afraid that I am either going to pass out or cry through the whole thing.

8. Chris and I are moving to Wright - Patterson Air Force Base in Ohio come July ... and I still don't know military time.

9. When I put my hand over my heart it means that I am feeling something powerful - a habit I developed when my grandpa passed away. Its all I can do to control my emotions.

10. I LOVE working with children of all ages.

11. I have never lived with a dog who didn't pee on everything. This is why I do not prefer dogs.

12. Much to my dismay, I have rekindled my love for potato chips. I blame the variety deli in NYC who slipped bags of lays in with my sandwiches.

13. I don't know what I am being prepared for, but I feel that my surroundings are always challenging me to be a stronger person.

14. Sometimes I think I should be a life-coach so I could make a living off of my advice ... and sometimes I fell like I need my own life-coach ... and then I wonder if that would make me a scam.

15. I really don't like to buy anything unless i've touched it.

16. Chris proposed with candlelight, pizza, and a diamond - I proposed with a cherry ring pop

17. I think pickles and Oreo's make a delicious snack when paired together.

18. I visited my grandpa's grave more before he passed away than after. We used to go feed the ducks at the cemetery and play on the MONKS headstone.

19. I love mail. Especially hand written letters.

20. I get woozy in hospitals, even if I am just visiting.

21. I didn't have a room with four walls of my own until I was in fifth grade. Before then I shared a bed with my sister and three dogs. (In third grade moved onto the landing that had 3 walls). All the while I had my own room at my grandparents house a few blocks away.

22. I don't think I know anyone who I haven't bragged to about being a seventh generation Texan. I am very proud of my family.

23. The first CD I owned was The Wizard of Oz Soundtrack, but today you probably couldn't get me to sit through the whole film.

24. I miss NYC terribly. I often find myself daydreaming about ordinary days walking around the city. I know I will never live there again, but I also don't know how I am going to live without it.

25. I've been trying to start a blog for years. It's like a glorious new journal; you never wanna spoil the pages by writing in it.

Won't You Be Mine?

I wish that everyone could appreciate valentines day. While checking my facebook I noticed that many a status' said something along the lines of 'i hate valentines day' or 'i wish this day was over' . I understand why some people are disgruntled with the stereotypical ideas that come along with February 14th, but to me ... its all about love.

If we don't take time to appreciate the people around us what is the point of ANYTHING? News flash, we interact with people everyday. Its how we live, so why not celebrate it. My dad taught me that the greatest thing you can give to anyone is your time. So why not take time to make a valentine to let someone know you are thinking about them. It might mean more than you think.

The best thing about love is that there are so many different kinds. For example, monkey love.

On Wednesday evening I was asked by my sister-in-law to make valentines for my monkey's class. Of course he wanted Webkinz cards which apparently are not mass produced. I was happy to step in. It did take some doing, but I would do anything for monkey love.