Thursday, August 13, 2009


I took a trip to the local Library yesterday to officially become a member of this community. I was blown away. We have been buying furniture and paying bills ever since we got married, so saying goodbye to cash has become all too familiar. We are staying on budget which is a challenge because I LOVE shopping. I love the hunt of shopping and the deals I can find (we have a Tuesday morning, TJMAXX, and goodwill within 5 min ... heaven). I love shopping because it really is a challenge these days to find items that express who you are. I think people's style says a lot about them ... clearly I watch a lot of What Not to Wear. To go a little deeper if I may, I think this belief also stems from my theatre experience. It is astounding how much the style of a set or costume can tell you about a character. All the worlds a stage people - what does your style say about you?

I digress. Lets go back to the library. The best thing about 'shopping' at the library is, The library is FREE! I went in and came out with stuff without spending any money. Awesome. Not only did I not spend money, I am also reducing my clutter because I am going to bring it all back! Going to the library should be a step in a shopaholics recovery process because you still get the rush of a good find without spending a dime.

I registered for my card but am only allowed to check out two items at a time until I get my real card in the mail (I didn't have any proof of my address =/ ). The librarian offered to explain how things were laid out, but I stopped her short explaining that I really wanted to browse and figure it out myself - the perfect hunting ground for discoveries. I wandered around for a bit reading titles until my neck turned stiff from being tilted sideways, read a few magazines, and made my final selections. Here is what I ended up with:

Thrift Score by: Al Hoff Substitute Teaching A to Z by: Barbara Pressman

I have started Thrift Score and it is hilarious especially if you like to thrift. I am also thinking about signing up as a substitute here to support my teaching practice and shopping habits =) . I have only ever substituted once in elementary drama rooms and still have much to learn.

Need a new adventure? Go to the library and wander around!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

"Sing along if you want to - Cry if you have to"

I am SO excited about finding new opportunities in Ohio. I have a lot to discover and once Chris leaves for Alabama, LOTS of time to explore the area.

I am still at the point where I am not always 100% sure what to do with my time. I keep googling to look for leads on hot spots, parks, jobs, theaters, classes etc. So far I have been happy cooking, shopping, and getting things set up in our new space, but the time is coming where I've got to join a book club or something =)

Looking for a job with my degree (educational theatre) is interesting because I really do feel that I can do whatever the heck I want to with it. I do however sort of agree with my mom's remark that people are not looking for me so I need to look for them. It's true that finding a job will take effort on my part, but I do think people are looking for me; they just don't know I'm here. Its time to get the word out.

I am not entirely sure which direction I want to go in or when I want to start. Chris will be out of town for 5 weeks so I have been given 5 free weeks before creating a routine.

I have pretty much always managed to keep myself busy. But before the other day I didn't realize how necessary contributing to something is to me or how sensitive I would be about not having a job outside our home. Chris came home the other day casually saying "I went to work today what did you do" WOW talk about waterworks. Word to the wise husbands, don't make that mistake. No matter how you say it, it will be heard as sass. After profuse apologies I think he got the idea that staying at home cooking and cleaning is both a job, a joy, and a sacrifice.

My goodness.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

What's for lunch?

This is the question I have been waking up to lately.

Since Chris doesn't eat breakfast and I
have to (see hulking out reference in last post, or ask anyone who has spent time with me while hungry) lunch is beginning to be somewhat of an issue. I LOVE breakfast. Not only is it said to be the most important meal of the day, it is also the most delicious. The time I spend making and eating breakfast is my favorite part of the day. The morning is so peaceful. To quote Kelley McRae's 'Morning song', "I love the mornings cause nobody needs nothing from me. I love the mornings cause the world goes and leaves me alone." I use this time to prepare for the day by fueling up, watching the news, and reading blogs.

The problem now that I am married is that I want to make myself a big breakfast and 3-4 hours later Chris would like for us to have lunch together.

a. I am not hungry b. I just made breakfast and am not ready to mess the kitchen again

This morning I chose to solve this problem by making BRUNCH. Ah thank goodness for combination breakfast and lunch. I know this wont work everyday, but soon Chris will be off at work and I can eat when I like.

I went ahead and finished cooking the rest of the bacon we had in the house. I am very bad about letting food go to waste by not cooking it in time, so I am trying to get better at using everything up. Thanks to the awesome cookbook Chris' sponsor parents from the academy got us I found a waffle batter recipe. What came of it? TEXAS blueberry waffles.

Our whole brunch ended up having a Texas theme to it. We received a texas shaped waffle iron as a wedding gift (which works wonderfully!), I just happened to be drinking tea out of my Texas mug "you may all go to hell and I will go to Texas", and finally while we were eating Deep in the heart of Texas played on my random music mix. Glorious. We are both full and properly prepared for a kick ass kind of day.


This is a fruit salad I made for a dinner we went to the other night cherry, grape, pineapple, pear, blueberry, and apple.

Any tips on how to get my husband to love breakfast are greatly appreciated.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

"So how is married life?"

This is the most common question I am getting now. Answer: it is wonderful! It still amazes us that we get to do this forever and we are not just playing house. I completely understand why this isn't the choice that everyone makes and how that is for the better, but for us I am so glad. I truly believe that we needed to find each other and that together we are much more ourselves than we are apart. Not to be sappy, but many of you asked.

There was a period of time when we would look at the other one in happy disbelief wondering 'why are you still here'. The funny part about being married is that you have someone with you most all of the time. Its a funny yet rewarding transition.

Marriage, Moving, new job, and no job can bring up many interesting conversations. I don't know if all of you know this, but I pretty much Hulk out if I am hungry. Rule number one in our house is get a snack before having a serious conversation lol. at least once a day Chris will say "are you hungry" not with concern in his voice, but fear and suspicion. Our squabbles are SO silly, but I know they bring us closer and are a necessary part of us talking through things. I quote myself from yesterday saying "don't you dare say I can't have more bookshelves" and at some point Chris explaining that we can't leave the apartment because "its shark week". So no worries, we haven't turned into sappy robots. We are just having as much fun as we can with this new life arrangement. I'll keep you posted, but for now we need to go find a couch.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

A Wife

I am currently sitting at our new kitchen table listening to the thunder rumble outside as i ponder what to do today. This phrase keeps repeating in my mind: So this is my new life - this is being a wife. haha.

We have been in our apartment for a week now and Chris started work yesterday. Today is my second day on my own. It is so odd to be without limitations - what the heck am I going to do!? We still need some furniture, but what with the giant flash of lightening that just lit the room and without Chris' opinion - i don't really see that happening today.


perhaps I will paint a wall
do some laundry down the hall

wash the dishes in the sink
make sure the apartment doesn't stink

Unpack the closet (It's a walk in !)
take a spin in the gym
watch the ducks and take things in

perhaps I will do it all
or perhaps I'll do nothing at all