Friday, April 30, 2010

The Mess Above the Fire

The other morning when I clicked onto one of my favorite reads { Pinecone Camp } I had to laugh at myself because I immediately looked up and saw this:
The post was all about collecting. Now, I know everything on the mantel doesn't go together as a cohesive collection per say ... but I am sure I can create a convincing argument that it is a collection of stuff (or "duff" as my adorable niece would say). All of this business ended up on our mantel because I am not sure where to put it next. I set it there to get it out of the way. The longer it sits there, the more I think I like it. I know that simple mantels are supposed to stand out in a room, but there is something about the clear chaos that keeps me staring. What do you think? Jumbled mess? Should it stay or go?

I have also got quite a few wine bottles I am about to take to recycling ... something tells me I should peel off the labels and keep them around somehow. Any ideas on what to do with them? I would love to decorate with them, but then again I don't want people to walk in and think gee ... that's a lot of bottles ... awkward. (CONFESSION: that is usually what I think when people openly display their alcohol, I can't help it. It's an automatic reaction.)

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Treasure Find Tuesday

Happening at this moment: Goose on the water, duck in my house.

I made an amazing discovery a few weeks ago. After dropping Chris off at the airport, I began to wander around town. Driving around exploring our area has become one of our favorite past times in Ohio. This particular day I was on the lookout for thrift shops. I am sad to say that Chris is not as fascinated about sifting through items as I am, which is why I was going it alone. While I was out, I hit the crazy jackpot - a Goodwill OUTLET. I know! You would assume Goodwill already has the lowest prices possible, but how much you pay at the outlet depends on how much everything weighs. All clothes are on racks and are less than $2 an item. The only shelves in the place house electronics and artwork EVERYTHING else is dumped in bins that you have to dig through. This place is literally a workout. Each bin is madness filled with glass, action figures, movies, crutches, games ... you name it, it's in a bin. What you do is fill up a shopping cart and roll it up onto a large scale at checkout. Items are priced by the pound. Trust me there are many treasure finds to come from these blue bins!

This is a wooden duck I threw into my cart on my first dive into the bins.
After a coat of light pink paint (Paint color = Romance) I have let the duck live inside.
I forgot to take a before picture of this wooden frame that I thrifted at the Base thrift shop, but it was the wood color that you can see in the upper left corner of this blurry photo. I painted it white after falling in love with Anna's white coffee table at Your Trash, My Treasure .
The frame is perfect for our mini hallway.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Treasure Find Tuesday

I know. Last Tuesday went by without me posting a treasure find. I assure you I have not run out of treasures! Quite the opposite. To make up for it though, please enjoy the view from our balcony.
I couldn't keep my eyes off this old wire milk crate at the base thrift shop over a month ago. I immediately knew I wanted to use it as a centerpiece. I got to work pulling all of our glass jars our of recycling and then soaked off the labels. I used a little goo gone and took an old toothbrush to the glasses that had stubborn tacky glue. Once the jars were ready, I ran into these gorgeous pink roses at the grocery. It was five dollars for the milk carrier and five for a dozen roses (a week later they have yet to wilt).

Good morning Spring!


We have also been admiring one of our pretty pink roses in an old whisky bottle we picked up at a thrift shop in San Francisco. Not a bad look for a buck!

Friday, April 9, 2010


I grew up in Texas. I have taken countless standardized tests. Even when it wasn't our year to test, we were the lucky ones who got to take practice tests. I have been told read the directions CAREFULLY my whole life. I have even been on the other side informing children of the importance of reading directions several times before acting. Heck, I even recommend underlining and/or highlighting key words to make sure the directions are clear.

Today, I (lowers head in shame) read driving directions WRONG and ended up missing a fundraising meeting. The direction to exit towards such and such does not mean such and such is the name of the exit. How silly. How embarrassing. Once I actually make it to a meeting I will let you know more about it and the organization the fundraiser is serving. For now dear readers I hope that you take my blunder and use it to your benefit.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Treasure Find Tuesday

It's about time! Last week I got back to work at the base thrift shop after two weeks of vacation. This Fossil watch came in for just $5! The watch has never been worn that I can tell. It even still has the plastic wrap on the glass. I looked it up online and it retails for about $65. Oh retail, how ridiculous you are.
I like that it is a "cuff" watch. This style works because...
it looks good on a man
and a woman.
Now that my schedule is getting busier it is going to be super helpful to have a watch. It is amazing how time flies when you are being productive. Have a WONDERFUL day.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Good Food . Great Friend

Yea, that's a giant delicious cinnamon roll smothered in cinnamon butter. I met this scrumptious pastry at breakfast in Los Gatos, CA with Ashleigh Hill. This girl knows how to show a lady a good breakfast!She is also a great friend and freaking hilarious. Check her out at An Ashleigh Renaissance.