Tuesday, August 31, 2010


It's going to be a long day at the base thrift shop and beyond.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Treasure Find Tuesday

Not everything I fall in love with while thrifting makes it home with me. Fortunately for us I take photos of "items to consider" while I thrift, so I can still share them with you. I have been lucky enough to go back to a store days later and find the treasure I just couldn't forget waiting for me ... other times ... not so much. It pays to pick up an item you love the minute you see it.

I am known at the base thrift shop as the one who asks "where are you going to put it?" when volunteers start to buy buy buy rather than sell our stock. I don't like to buy things just to buy them, I prefer to have an idea of how I am going to use the piece ... this is quite possibly why my average thrift store shopping trip lasts at least an hour. It only takes watching one episode of Hoarders or How Clean is Your House to make you want to pair down.

Here are a few treasures that hopefully found good homes:
Oh how I wish I bought this tea cup! I LOVE the bold colors, but at the time, $7 seemed too much ... the curse of the constant thrifter is getting too used to a good deal.
This piece of furniture was unique and had great storage, but at over $100 it's more of an antique ... I already have a ridiculous amount of antiques for someone my age.
Goodwill. Silk Scarf. 99cents ... WHY DID I NOT BUY THIS!? Pink, Navy, and Green are my favorites.
cool coasters
Picture this $5 chair re-covered. Drool. It wouldn't fit in my husbands car and wasn't there when I went back. Hope the person sitting in it is very happy

As lovely as it is to find treasures, we shouldn't hoard them. Have you ever let an item go or given into a friend even though you saw it first?

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Treasure Find Tuesday

I don't think I ever told you I thrifted my wedding dress. A treasure find indeed! I figured I would share now since this years "wedding season" is coming to a close.
I know you are probably wondering why the look on my face is not one of a blushing bride. The truth is I found my dress while shopping for a friends gown ... and I already had one. This is my uh-oh I want this one face. After a second trip and try on, both my mom and I were convinced that the first one just wouldn't do. We took our new treasure to Olive Kane, a local seamstress. We had her take it in and make it a sweetheart.

The thrifted dress plus alterations was less expensive than my first dress.
I am so happy with the outcome.
Remember this post? Here are a some shots with the vintage shrug I thrifted. I wore the shrug while at the church and removed it for the reception. It was 104 degrees on our wedding day.
EVERYONE looked fabulous.