Monday, November 15, 2010

Speaking of Spontaneity

Sometimes you just need to quit talking about it and actually buy a plane ticket already! Chris and I figured out the PERFECT Christmas gifts for each other. We have everything we really need and want together in Ohio, so we are getting each other trips to see our friends! I've mentioned before how bummed we've been to be away from the people who know us best and we figure it is just ridiculous for us not to do anything about it.

We dated long distance for five years. We looked forward to being under the same roof for so long, now that we’ve got our wish we do our best not to take it for granted. There is nothing I love more than spending time with my husband. Though we love our time together, we both appreciate our time apart. It may seem funny, but spending time apart now is exciting because it reminds us of the fun we had while dating. We know that the time we spend apart only brings us closer together. Phone calls, texts, and of course a reunion at the end! Nothing is better than coming home to the person you love. I am super excited about taking advantage of my Christmas gift this week and super excited about coming home too!

Friday, November 12, 2010

Fill in the b_ank Frid_y

Thanks again to Lauren at the little things we do for inviting us all to tag along.

1. The most spontaneous thing I've ever done was … Last year I created a drama workshop and bought an unlimited plane ticket. I traveled all over the country for a month visiting the people I love while doing the work I love. Chris was at ASBC in Alabama and I wasn’t going to sit around by myself in Ohio. It took a bit of planning to get my dates nailed down, but the idea itself spontaneously came to me as soon as I heard about the airline deal. I love routine, but I also love breaking out of routine to go on fun adventures. Try it, it builds character and keeps you from losing your mind.

2. The best gift I've ever received was… my grandmothers wedding band. It makes me happy to have something so precious on me at all times that reminds me of my grandparents. It has a history of love. It makes our love feel all the more powerful.

3. A time that I was truly and genuinely surprised was… when I was approached by NYU. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I wanted to go to school in the city or that the city would want me. I am beyond grateful for the opportunity. I will cherish every moment good and bad I had there for the rest of my life.

4. I can't leave the house without … lipgloss. I ALWAYS have a few tubes of Burt’s Bees going.

5. My favorite day of the week is any week day because I am a sucker for morning talk shows and un-crowded places. I love being able to run errands or go to the movies without dealing with a mob.

6. Something that can always make me laugh is… Chris laughing. He laughs all the time long and loud and clear just like Uncle Albert in Mary Poppins. Even if I don’t think something is funny I end up laughing anyway as soon as I look at him, its contagious.

7. My perfect day would include … Waking up in NYC. Laughing at brunch with friends. Swinging by Texas to take my nephew and niece to an arcade before swimming and Snowcones. Spending the evening in Oregon with my aunt admiring the mountain and drinking wine. Falling asleep somewhere under the stars with Chris. It’s pretty unrealistic, but so is perfection. It doesn’t mean we can’t strive for it.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Treasure Find Tuesday

Last night was the Wright-Patterson AFB Officer's Spouses Club Totally 80's dinner. Chris and I were both born in 1986 so our closets lack fashion from the 80's (prob not a bad thing really). Luckily, Tuesday is my volunteer day at the Base Thrift Shop. I scored both of these track suits for under $5 in the clearance.
Our conversation before we left:
"I am doing this because I love you"
"I'm doing this because I love you ... now please unlock the car before we step outside so we don't frighten the neighbors"

Oh how happy we should all be that BIG hair is not big right now.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

One Mans Trash...

is another man's sticky bun? Who knew that thrift stores dedicated to baked goods existed!? Chris and I drove by this Entenmans Outlet while doing a test run to a new school I'm teaching at tomorrow (not going to repeat this mishap). Celebratory second hand bunt cakes anyone?
Seriously ... something seems off about this.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

One Hundred

This is indeed my 100th post. Craziness. This is also the perfect time to remind you that we moved over the summer. Paint colors, fabric swatches, and curtains OH MY. I know I married the right man as we are guaranteed a move every few years and therefore get to rearrange furniture A LOT. This move however was literally 10 minutes away. We LOVEED our apartment, but moving to the privatized housing near base is not only cheaper with more space, it also means guests will have a bedroom all their own WHICH MEANS more visitors and more blog adventures for us! Thank you to those who read this blog. I appreciate the opportunity to communicate with you and look forward to continuing the experience!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Treasure Find Tuesday/Halloween Wrap-Up

This post is picture heavy. I'll try to keep my chatter to a minimum, but i'll reply to comments =) Enjoy! Hope your Halloween was Spooktacular!

Wonder what we did with our pumpkin pickings? Chris' Jack was def best on the block.
Our goose-like gourds greeted people at the door.
Here is the lovely mummy I told you about earlier.
She's also got a handsome male friend. They were super easy and fun to make!
Trick or treaters had to reach into the jug for candy. The chair was thrifted for $3 so I can recover it =) . Note though that it is NOT a good idea to put food coloring directly on your hands unless you want to hear lots of "caught you red handed" jokes.
Our little pirate stood in for the statue of liberty in our mini NYC.
We had some unexpected guests pop up in our bathroom mirror!
Mom sent me these lovely spiders and some more of grandmas never ending doily collection. End result? DOILY SPIDERWEBS!

Saturday we mixed up some corn syrup, food coloring, and chocolate sauce for some bloody fun in our Dexter theme garage. We served all the drinks in here for our party which I didn't get photos of due to all the fog from the fog machine.
The pumpkin was carved out and filled with ice to chill the white wine.
Last but not least your hosts. Chris dressed up as Dexter and ... I had a little fun. I thrifted the hilarious leopard shorts and transformed myself into your crazy aunt agnes just back from her trip to Mexico. I had so much fun explaining my costume. The moment someone would ask who I was I would put on an accent and go on a tirade about how sad it is they don't recognize their own family and it's all because they don't call often enough. I am sure I freaked a few people out, but it was all in good Halloween fun.