Friday, June 17, 2011

Fill in the blank Friday

I'm so happy that today is FRIDAY and Lauren has provided me with posting inspiration via her blanks.

1. The last movie I saw was ... we watch LOTS of movies, but Chris and I have mainly been enjoying Legend of the Seeker and House on DVD/Netflix each night this week .

2. I want to do everything in the sunshine now that its summertime .

3. Surprises are not nearly as fun as anticipation .

4. The best accessory is something with a story - great conversation starter!

5. My favorite warm drink is tea and coffee especially when you have a dear friend to drink it with .

6. My favorite cold drink is really good diet coke if I'm "being bad" or coconut water if I'm behaving myself .

7. Currently loving thrifting for a purpose other than myself. Chris' softball season. The characters in Legend of the Seeker and (can't believe I am saying this)spending time a the gym .

soak up some sun and get a laugh in this weekend!

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